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WHW Sports Limited focuses on women’s mid- to high-end yoga and fitness apparel and is a manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and design, production and processing, and sales.

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WHM 2024
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Frequently Asked Question

What kind of materials do you use in WHM sports clothing wholesale?

WHM Sports currently mainly uses four kinds of fabrics, nylon (nylon), polyester fiber (polyester), cotton, spandex. For these four kinds of fabrics, we will combine or use them separately according to different styles of clothing, such as: polyester + spandex, nylon + spandex, cotton + spandex.

How much cost for the WHM sports women clothes?

WHM Sports now has different pricing and agency policies for different agents, brands, distributors, dealers, end users, etc. And according to the different quantity of customers and different style requirements, the price will be different. For details, please mark your specific needs and your company profile in the inquiry.

Does WHM Sports have discounts for customers' bulk orders?

Of course, but WHM Sports will still determine whether to give corresponding discounts according to the style, quantity, and other specific needs ordered by customers.

What are the online purchase channels for WHM Sports?

At present, WHM sports is mainly for customers with bulk orders, but we also have retail purchase channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, you can follow our homepage on Facebook and Instagram, and make purchases. We regularly update our styles.

What to wear to the gym for beginners

First, decide what type of exercise are you going to do today? Is it doing cardio, doing equipment, or just yoga or some other dance? Because different sports have different requirements for clothes, such as running, aerobics, or other high-intensity running and jumping sports, there will be requirements on the strength of sports bras. But according to my observation, most people who just go to the gym don’t know what kind of exercise they want to do. At this time, you just need to remember that you only have one purpose, comfort.

But if you have a very clear goal when you first start exercising, such as you just need to lose weight, then you may do aerobics, plus some equipment training. Then you need to choose a strength or high-strength sports bra. Pants can be loose and comfortable sweatpants or gym pants. Shoes can choose specialized running sneakers.

For example, if you just need to get in shape, then you can choose a relatively tight-fitting sports suit or gym clothes. Shoes can choose, canvas shoes, sneakers and so on. For example, if you want to practice yoga, then you can wear yoga clothes. Of course, yoga clothes can also be used for fitness. Shoes can also choose yoga-specific shoes or socks.

Why is correct clothing important in fitness training?

We at work, different workplaces require different attire, and at the gym, we also wear different sports clothes according to different training programs in the gym, it is important because the right clothes can actually help you get better It can also fully participate in sports.

So, read below for an explanation of why being in the right athletic clothing is so important.

Fitted workout clothes can boost confidence.
This is very important for both boys and girls. Appropriate fitness clothes can highlight girls’ beautiful hip lines, or beautiful legs or waist lines. For boys, a suitable fitness T-shirt can show your strong arms and perfect pectoral back muscles more perfectly. These are very effective in increasing self-confidence.

The right gym clothes can improve athletic performance. Some gym clothes use special materials, such as quick drying, sweat absorption, elasticity, breathability and so on. These will have a certain impact on the sports performance.

The Right Workout Clothing Can Prevent Injuries. The right workout clothes can protect you from injury. Ideally, compression garments help protect muscles from inflammation and the potential for injury. It helps prevent the formation of lactic acid, which protects you and helps you exercise normally the next day.